Agriculture Planning


Rover is committed to ensuring the long-term integrity of the region’s environment and farmland. As a company, it is Rover Pipeline’s expectation that our efforts minimize disruptions and leave no long-term footprint. Rover has enlisted the services of Land Stewards LLC, an experienced consultancy of agricultural engineers, drainage contractors, agronomists, and conservation planners, who will lend their expertise to discussions between landowners and Rover to develop plans to mitigate and restore any impacts to agriculture lands that may be traversed by the pipeline in Ohio and Michigan.

Rover Pipeline will comply with the FERC Plan and Procedures and all regulatory requirements that govern, and typically dictate, the restoration techniques required for a regulated natural gas pipeline. In addition, Rover Pipeline, in coordination and consultation with the land management agencies located in the geographic region, will prepare specific restoration plans for the project area. Rover Pipeline is in the process of developing these plans and they will be posted by FERC and on this website in the months ahead.

In general, restoration will include, but will not be limited to, restoring the project area to preconstruction contours, allowing temporary workspaces to return to previous land use, and maintaining only minimal widths of right-of-way in an herbaceous state within forested wetlands.

Agricultural areas will be restored according to the Agricultural Impact Mitigation Plan and landowner requirements, which means that all soils will be placed back into the ditch as they were taken out; the soils will be de-compacted and a native vegetative cover type will be applied to the disturbed portion of the right-of-way; and property specific seed mixes can be applied if the seed mix is available. For forested habitat, Rover pipeline will not plant trees, but will also not continue to cut or maintain the temporary work areas, which will facilitate forested habitat restoration.

Rover Agriculture Mitigation Plan – Michigan

Rover Agriculture Mitigation Plan – Ohio